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Guided Summer Mountaineering
Instruction Summer Mountaineering


April to November


£290 for one person and a further £25 for a second
Ratio of 1 instructor to 2 guests

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Our Cairngorm mountaineer course is for those who are looking to move from hillwalking to climbing. We offer this as either a guided day or an instructional course looking at the rope-work involved in ridges and scrambling steps. This is also an ideal day for those preparing for an Alpine mountaineering trip. 

Using the Northern Cairngorms we utilise some of the great granite ridges and scrambling steps on offer, with a relatively short walk-in to gain the rock and make the most of the instruction. 

Our guided days are for those who are keen to explore more and perhaps take their hillwalking up a stage. This makes for a very different and more exciting way to the summit of Cairngorm.

This is open to those with some hill fitness and a keen sense of adventure. We are able to provide all the technical hardware including helmets and harnesses within the cost of the day.

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