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Indoor Climbing


Year round


100 for a half day
220 for a full day
2 Guests to 1 Instructor

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For many, indoor climbing walls are the best way to get into climbing. With climbing walls now accessible in most towns it is possible to learn some of the essential skills needed for climbing outside. Tying into the rope, belaying both a leading climber and managing a bottom rope are all skills that will move with you on your climbing journey. 
We offer some intro climbing days inside utilising the climbing wall to help you try climbing and see if it’s for you. This makes for an ideal full or half-day course teaching some of the basic rope and belay techniques as well as learning some fundamental climbing techniques. 

These sessions can be booked on request and we are able to deliver a set of sessions which will lead to you being able to independently use the climbing wall. Many walls require a skills check to determine whether you are competent enough to use the wall without instruction and we can help guide you through this procedure. 

We can provide the necessary equipment and rent climbing shoes at the chosen venue. We only provide this service within Scotland.

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