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Course :

Rock Climbing


Year Round

Cost :

Variable rates from £50pp

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Being based in the Highland capital, Inverness, we are able to offer a range of climbing courses suiting all abilities right on the doorstep. Inverness has a wealth of great venues around the city, from sport climbing to traditional climbing on outcrops and sea cliffs along the Moray coastline. 
With the creation of the new climbing wall at the Ledge, within the city, climbing has become much more accessible to all and many will be looking to take their climbing out onto the cliffs. 
We can arrange and design taster days to see if it is something you like and would like to pursue further through to introduction to climbing courses, learn to lead and also sport climbing instruction. 

We can provide all the equipment required such as helmet, harness all ropes and hardware needed to deliver the day for you. 
All the venues that we use are within a 40 minute drive from the city centre and weather permitting we are happy to deliver these days throughout the year. Inverness benefits from fine weather when as often or not other areas of the Highlands are not enjoyng such good conditions. 

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