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Rock Climbing


April to October


£350 per day for two people
2 guests to one instructor

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The Scottish coastline has vast range of excellent sea cliffs and stacks to climb. The famous Old Man of Hoy, Store and Am Buchaille offering superb climbs. Not only superb climbs but the often wild and remote settings give a great experience. The climb is often just one part of a successful ascent: getting to them and off again can be just as hard. Getting the tides right, using Tyrolean traverses to gain access to the base all need to be care fully thought through. 

The remote Hebridean islands, both inner and outer, also offer superb and diverse climbing amid wonderful and wild beaches and bays. Please get in touch to discuss further these options. We have a huge amount of experience including many first ascents on the islands. 

We offer guided experiences on all the Scottish sea stacks and can do these individually or as a tailor-made week or long weekend exploring the best of them. We can provide all the technical equipment and hardware needed to ascend these objectives and can even source you a wet suit for any ‘wild’ swimming needed to reach them.

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