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£275 for one person and £25 for a second +
Ratio 1 Instructor to 8 guests

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Hillwalking is for many the starting point for their walking, mountaineering and climbing journey. Where better than the Scottish Highlands to start that journey? Home to the famous Munro’s and numerous other wild mountain walks, Scotland offers everything from short half-day hills to remote peaks that require technical climbing skills to summit. It is also home of course to the UK’s highest mountain Ben Nevis, a must-do mountain. 

Although perhaps low in altitude in terms of world mountains, Highland summits amply make up for this by their rugged and often remote feel. Scotland of course is famous for its wild weather. This remoteness and wild weather can be a dangerous combination for those ill-equipped or without the navigational skills to get around when the weather turns. 

Our hillwalking courses fall into the two categories: either instructional aimed at delivering the skills necessary for safe independent mountain travel, or guided journeys using our intimate knowledge and expertise. 


These courses look at the key areas of navigation, equipment, route planning, emergency procedures and a greater awareness of the mountain environment.


We can deliver a wide range of days from a walk up the mountain track on Ben Nevis to some wild and remote parts of the Highlands. We can either deliver your chosen objectives or create a tailor-made programme using our intimate knowledge of Scotland’s mountains.

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