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Private : £270 for 1 person and a further £25 beyond
Ratio 1 instructor to 6 guests
Open : £120 for 2 days (dates below)

Possibly the most important outdoor course you could take. Scottish winter brings a step change from hillwalking to mountaineering. As winter arrives in the mountains so does the need for a new set of skills essential for keeping safe. The use of ice axes and crampons, good navigation and avalanche awareness are vital skills for travel through snow-covered mountains. 

With these skills in place, a new world of mountaineering objectives opens up giving you all-year round access to the mountains.
Our winter skills courses are also suitable training for those heading for snowy peaks around the world. Preparation for the Alps and Greater Ranges can be done here at home in the Scottish Highlands. 

Our courses cover the use of ice axe and crampons, navigation training to enable you to contend with the often fierce Scottish weather, and avalanche awareness so as to identify and understand snow conditions and where danger may lurk.
Courses are generally delivered either in the Cairngorms National Park near Aviemore or in the Ben Nevis and Glencoe area based near Fort William.
We can provide axe, crampons and helmets where required. We do not provide footwear although can arrange for this at boot hire shops in Aviemore

Course dates for open course: During January, Febuary, March we hold a winter skills open course every weekend in both Fort William and Aviemore.

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