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Skills and Summits, West Coast


17th to 21st Febuary 2025


£450 pp
6 places of 6 places availible

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This week offers a combination of our winter skills courses along with our guided winter journeys. We combine the delivery of skills while ascending as many summits as we can, taking in the best of the chosen area. The skills covered will be sufficient to manage yourself independently within the group in winter conditions and equip you for your own adventures in the mountains after the course. 

Our west coast week is based in Fort William and uses areas such as Ben Nevis, Glencoe and the Grey Corries. Our aim is to have a skills day and then tick as many of the wonderful summits and Munro’s in the chosen area. 

We can provide axe, crampons and helmets where required. We do not provide footwear although can arrange for this at boot hire shops in Fort William.

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