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Covid 19: Update

Approaching Helveyn under pre Covid days under clear skies

Sadly the continuing Covid pandemic continues to roll on and regrettably with the ever changing rules and tiers and the now second lock down in England things go on hold again. Wild Path will no longer take any bookings for 2020. The changing of rules, tiers and lockdowns makes it impossible in the near future to be able to take any bookings with any certainty as to whether it will be possible to carry them out.

As the first snows are forecast this week and perhaps give some thoughts and inspiration to the coming winter and possible adventures we can only hope that things are going to possible in the New Year.

Things will be popping up on the blog and so its not early retirement by any stretch but more akin to an expedition suffering from bad weather and its time to hunker down and wait for the skies to clear.

Stay Safe, Sane and tuned in for brighter times.

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