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Kenya, Covid, UK and indefinite lockdown

The world wide storm gathering and time to park up for a while.......

Well we are now into a few weeks of lockdown and the world seems to be on a long and damaging indefinite pause. The virus which originated in China and has since spread across the globe causing tens thousands of fatalities and untold damage both economically and socially. Its shown some signs of being slowed but equally no real conclusion can be taken yet on what the coming months will look like. One thing is for certain and that’s that nothing seems certain at the moment.

Exploring Northern Kenya with the team just a few weeks ago on the lookout for rock climbing venues we where largely unaware what was fast approaching and would effect all areas of the world. It was a rapid chain of events that led to jumping on one of the last flights back into the UK and then essentially into lockdown where I have been ever since. We have known for many years that Chinas eating and medicinal habits having been devastating the wildlife population on the African continent, although its not certain it seems regarding the source of Covid19 it certainly originated in China and perhaps involves the rare Pangolin who’s only defence is to roll up in a ball or a bat or perhaps something covered up. Either way hopefully the planet will be a bit more aware of this in the future. Shouting and recrimination at the moment doesn’t serve any great purpose and this will be something to look at at later date but let's hope it is looked at.

The outdoor and adventure industry has come to a frightening and sudden halt with no activities or travel on offer on a commercial or even personal level.

I hope that this in some small way might prove the importance of wild places and the freedom which comes from those places. Its certainly impressed on me just how much I value those adventures and how much I shall appreciate them once the curtain has lifted.

I have seen on various social media posts people quibbling over what determines a day on the hill or whether bouldering etc are safe to pursue or which way they could navigate the lockdown to get out. Pure and simple and as frustrating as it may be its not acceptable to be out at the moment and the hills are not going anywhere. It needs to be viewed more towards protecting others and to stop a virus spreading is pretty simple stop contact with others. At least in the outdoor industry we know that the bush, mountains, rivers and wild places will all be there and waiting and perhaps even have benefited from a breather from humans. There may even be a surge in interest for those wanting to visit after this. Certainly I have been surprised by the amount of people taking a walk or cycle at the moment and hopefully that healthy and beneficial trend might continue.

The lockdown will have to end at some point though and I certainly believe that perhaps the longer this is in place that perhaps the damage may in the end outweigh the lockdowns purpose. I think in the long run this will be something we will have to live with for while certainly until some kind of effective treatment is created. I also hope that this is not repeated and a very close look needs to be made into China to ensure this doesn’t happen again which I should imagine will be an awkward road.

I won’t be going beyond the lockdown advice and trying to test the water in terms of whether I can be in the hills or otherwise at the moment it would be irresponsible to do so and risk to many other peoples health in the process. So much as I dislike like this it’s a case of staying put for the time being and planning for the future. Over the coming weeks I shall try and post a few things of interest such as guides to unusual places and images from different trips which hopefully might give some ideas of some fun things to do post lockdown. The adventure still awaits in time.

In the meantime though Stay Safe, Sane and Stay Local.

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