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Return to Africa

Big open skies looking across Borana conservancy

Well its been a while since I blogged but thought it’s time to pop a couple together. The website is undergoing some changes just to note so its just a homepage for now with links to social media which are hopefully more interesting than my erratic writing style.

Since coming back to the UK in March it was pretty busy in terms of work but it was up and down the motorway running DofE trips which where good but I was itching to come back to Kenya when its under the skin its hard to adjust to somewhere that just isn’t where you want to be. So as the call came in to return to arms and things where picking up again I made that choice that this wasn’t a couple of months work but a return to Africa.

Teaching rock climbing at the Ngare Ndare crag

Since arriving its been busy with groups have been coming through, Covid is still hugely effecting things in particular tourism although there has been some tourism the Americans seem to be here on safaris. The Brits are not here due to red list issues but they cant even export sausages from Ireland to Europe so I should think it might be a while before the UK tourism picks up.

The great escape, one across the wing over Holland

It’s been great to be back with the team who are all well and camp is looking great. We have had groups passing through on mountain bike instructor courses and also on multi activity trips. Ive also been busy building a climbing wall at a school in Nairobi which has all worked well. Lots of help from Beacon holds in North Wales who provided so much advice along with their holds. Now the tricky bit of delivering the training for it to be used. Which is actually the bit I shall enjoy the most. Having been instructing for twenty years or more its what I do and enjoy. Here gives me a little freedom to be able to operate the way I think trips should be run. With safety, learning and actually enjoyment too.

Instructing on the in camp bike course

We have all been fitting in some training during time without people in camp renewing our Wilderness first Aid certificates. Improving our facilities and training areas in camp. Is its been busy time improving all the time. The team is working with such efficiency in the field, there are things we can always improve on but that’s why we maintain training all the time. I have just had a solo bike trip my first on a motorbike into the bush but that’s a separate post. For now its great to be back with the team and in the fold once again.

renewing our Wilderness first aid course at Forest Camp

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