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Ski boots, bolts and Bavaria

Jo skinning towards the Gambsfuss in the Kleiwarstal, Austria

Arriving in Germany with a few days to spare before work we where able to get out and enjoy some of what the Allegau area has to offer, and it offers a lot. The mountainous area sits in the corner of Germany’s Baveria nestled along the Austrian border. As we arrived it seemed like we had arrived too summer with warm temperatures shorts and T-shirts but with plenty of snow hanging on higher up we opted for some ski touring day trips. Although the sport shops had turned to the summer and mountain biking we hoped to eek out some snow and weren’t disappointed. As with many areas it had not been a great season but some late snow topped things up nicely for some spring season touring.

There are some great tours in the area and some nice mellow ones to try out, the area would make for a great spot for those just getting going with some ski touring. We first headed to the peak Ponten which lies just inside the Austrian border and gave a very nice tour utilising the pistes to gain height up through the trees to get us into the upper bowls. We found plenty of avalanche activity and point release avalanches from the warmer afternoon sun. The other thing we noticed in the pack was a orangey sandy layer. Earlier in the winter the Alps had a ‘Saharan dust’ storm which seemed to have been trapped into the pack, at higher levels this was noted as a concern in the avalanche forecast. Although there was plenty of snow it was important to get out early as the sun made it pretty hard going later in the day soaking the pack making turns a tad heavy.

The deep Kleinwlsertal valley, Austria

The second tour we did was from the Kleinwarstal an Austrian area tucked right in the corner of Germany in a very deep Valley under the shadow of the Widerstein. Also the home of Germanys Outward Bound which has survived the Covid period. We picked a nice tour to the Gambsfuss via the Burgan Hutte. A good track up through the woods brought us up to the tree-line with some steeper skinning to reach the open ground and bowls above. Things where getting pretty heavy on the return but either way it was great to be on the skis after a long time away from them. Even in the time we had the snow line was racing up but as I type the temperatures have dropped so there may be the odd line still to be had.

Certainly looking forward to the snow returning and getting some more ski time in next season. I think the last time I was on skis was nearly ten years ago but like ice skating you quickly remember. For all the info you need there is a good guide 'Ski Touring Guide Allgau' just click to find it. There where plenty of others out getting some touring in which is very popular here.

Bolt clipping in Oberstdorf, Germany

Next up and the ski’s away we turned to the huge amount of climbing in the area. We had a look at a couple of crags with the main focus on the crag we would be using in the summer for work. Weihar sits just outside Oberjoch very close to the Austrian border. Various areas make up this venue and some very nice climbing on pocketed lime stone. Its a good area and popular with a range of routes to suit all and nicely bolted to giving it a nice friendly feel. The area is very well set up for mountain activities with quite a few Klettersteigs (Via Ferrata), walking, climbing and lots of mountain biking. Its a popular area for the German holidays which although busy never seemed to be too busy.

We are out in the area on and off until October working with Sprachcamp so it will be good to see the season all the way through potentially to the early snows of next winter. Certainly a place to return to under a good coat of snow and explore the tours more. The guide for the area shows a huge wealth of tours at all levels. For now through its time to work and explore the rock more.

Working with a back drop setting top ropes at Weihar, Bavaria

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