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Trip Report: Enkijape, Mukogodo, rock climbing

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

FA: 'Recovery Road' Hard Severe topping out

The recce is probably my first choice when it comes to favourite activities and exploring new climbing venues is top of the list. This time we took a look at the climbing on the outer edge of the Mukogodo Forest at Enkijape which I have to say was spectacular as a venue a backdrop which beats many Ive seen. We didn't have time to climb much as it took a while for us to get out there on my motorbike which kept developing faults along the way but all part of the adventure. Some good riding though through deep forest through on single track trying to keep up with the guide which was a bit testing but great fun. But once through to Enkijape where we where rewarded with a crag that has an unparalleled outlook across Northern Kenya,

Jo Topping out

A tad thorny to say the least at the foot of the crag

The rock in Kenya is often very compact granite which is sparsely protected to say the least this though seemed a much friendlier crag for protection. We climbed a line taking the left edge of the crag. Certainly be wary of some loose rock as its not been climbed own much but on the whole good clean very grippy rock. Offering plenty of gear and a perfectly placed tree at the top as the main belay. There are about three crags we saw two single pitch crags the one right under the campsite looks to have the easier routes the second a but harder and then a long multi pitch venue lower down the hill side. The one major downside is the thorns at the foot of the crag which I have numerous scratches and cuts from so pick a careful line to the foot of the crag. Probably the best option is to abseil in of the huge tree at the top.

The harder but still single pitch crag which has easily 30 lines to go at

The campsite which sits right on top of the crag has a great outlook across to Samburu and the Mathews range. The forest would normally be full of wildlife and be a good spot to see plenty but due to the current drought most will have gone to areas where there is access to water. If your planning on using the campsite then you would need to bring everything including plenty of water as there is no access to water. A Land-cruiser will get you to the campsite with ease. Its certainly with a visit even if not there for climbing three looks to be some good trekking along the ridge and boundary to the forest. Or just as a dramatic place to go and camp. I shall certainly be back to have a good look at what else is on offer in terms of routes. The local guides and contacts there are very friendly and will help with anything they can. There is nothing there in terms of shops so best to stock up in Nanyuki on the way. It’s hot so don’t underestimate the water, also for cooking and washing not just drinking.

Although we only looked at a relatively small area I think that was only scratching the surface looking along the ridge which goes on for miles there are crags everywhere so its an area with a huge amount of climbing and trekking potential.

Not a bad outlook

If your interested in guided climbing weekends then please get in touch with Rift Valley Adventures on

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