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Trip Report : Londonio First descent

Complete a first descent with Ndorito the perfect canyon partner

It always pays to have a little look around the corner as you may find a hidden gem. Thats just what Ndorito my canyon partner of many years found. We have spent many years heading into the main canyon but on the approach we cross a small river and after doing some inspections in the main canyon on leaving I though lets just have a look. By logic the forest on a hill so any water course must drop in various places. After a quick look it looked like this needed some further investigations so in we went.

Commitment what will we find, exploration means not knowing but looking

Its quite exiting heading in via abseil without knowing either whether you can get out or what lies below. But in we went and where met with a great canyon journey. Perfect rock on the side walls and could perhaps throw up some nice climbs. The one thing we where not sure is where the water is coming from. Its spring fed but also helped with rainfall.

In we go

The canyon went on for quite a few kilometres until it reached the junction with our main canyon and just below our small canyon. We took a ranger with a gun who could keep an eye in case we came across elephants (the rangers won't kill an elephant but a blank shot will move them away). We found numerous abseils, swim throughs and jumps in a stunning setting. A great venue which is just a ten minute walk from the campsite in the forest.

The forest which keeps on giving, the next task is to keep looking further up this canyon and find the source and also prepare the abseils for the wageni. Always a pleasure to have a day with Ndorito who's enthusiasm for canyons knows no bounds.

Ndorito in his home environment

New canyons are inspired and powered by Rift Valley Adventures. We may have some uncertainty in terms of Covid but that doesn't stop the team getting ready and exploring and making sure that we are ready to deliver the high quality experiences that we have become known for.

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