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Booking Terms and Conditions (1.0)


(1.1) Should Highland Guides cancel your course for any reason or within any period prior to the course commencing Highland Guides will refund the full course fee to you or seek a mutually preferred date. Whichever is best suited to the booking client. 


(1.2) All courses and guiding bookings are subject to a 25% non refundable booking fee. The outstanding balance is required in full 12 weeks prior to the start date. A course booked within 12 weeks of the start date is payable in full upon booking. 


(1.3) VAT is included within your course fee and payment. 


(1.4) Bookings may only be accepted by a person over the age of 18. For any booking involving a minor participating in the course must be booked and accompanied on the activity by a parent or guardian. 


(1.5) All personal information taken during booking is kept with complete confidence and not shared with any other party’s. 


(1.6) COVID-19, our booking process and operational procedures with regards to COVID-19 is keeping with current government advice and guidelines. 


(1.8) Where every effort is made to ensure the success of your course or guided experience Highland Guides may choose to divert to a safer and more suitable objective in adverse weather conditions.


(1.9) Should the client need to cancel the course or guided experience within six weeks of the course then an alternative date may be possible but a refund will not be issued. 


(1.9) Should the client wish to cancel their course or guided experience prior to the final six weeks prior to the start date Highland Guides will refund the amount less the 25% non refundable booking fee. 


(1.10) Highland Guides strongly recommends that you take out holiday insurance when committing to a course. 

Instruction and Guided experiences 


(2.1) All Highland Guides instructors and guides will hold the appropriate qualification for the activity they are undertaking. They will also be members of either Mountain Training the Association of Mountaineering Instructors or the British Mountain Guides Association. 


(2.2) All Instructors and Guides will hold a current and valid first aid certificate in accordance with their qualification and insurance requirements. 


(2.3) All instructors and Guides carry a valid insurance policy for the activities they hold qualifications in. 


(2.4) It must be understood that the instructor or guide is responsible for your safety and as such their directions and advice must be followed to go against this will invalidate Highland Guides resposabilty during the activity. 


(2.5) Mountaineering and climbing have an element of risk as defined within the British Mountaineering Councils participation statement. 


The BMC Recognises that climbing and mountaineering are activities with a danger of personal injury or death. Participants in these activities should be aware of and accept these risks and be responsible for their own actions’ 

(2.6) Highland Guides does not take responsabilty for clients personal kit and equipment while attending a course or guided experience. 

(2.7) All equipment ralting to safety provided by Hgihalnd Guides is inspected and within current law and regulation practices for PPE.

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